The WCLOA is currently recruiting new Officials. Our Association offers training which incurs classroom and on the field instruction. The purpose of the training is to familiarize all applicants with the current NCAA, NFHS and US Lacrosse Youth rules. Our training sessions also include game mechanics as well as game management methodology. 

In order to gain membership to become a certified WCLOA lacrosse official, an applicant must successfully complete all requirements of the training classes, attend ALL training classes, including on field instruction, pass NFHS exam, CONNY exam and attend regularly scheduled WCLOA meetings.

New officials must complete the WCLOA Application and complete the CIAC Background Consent Form. Both forms can be download by clicking on the links below. These forms should be accompanied by a $120 check payable to the WCLOA, Inc. and sent to:

Ralph Baldelli
Assigning Commissioner

These forms and membership must be received before the start of the Training Sessions.

The WCLOA Membership fee includes insurance, training manual, NFHS rule book and WCLOA banquet. New members must have a United States Lacrosse (USL) membership. The USL membership can be acquired after membership into the WCLOA.

CIAC Background and Consent Form

WCLOA New Officials Application


The WCLOA uses customized training programs designed to accommodate Officials at all experience levels. First year Officials must attend all training programs (listed below). Experienced Officials receive training at regularly scheduled meetings and on field training session (See Meeting Schedule tab).

WCLOA members can access training documents by going to the Training Resources section of the web-site.

New Officials Training Schedule includes regular membership meetings (see the Meetings page for schedule) and the following:

New Officials Training Dates

March 9, March 14, and March 16: 

Photography courtesy of Gretchen McMahon

Bill Auerwald and Jim Stockfisch
Low DeMaio, Kevin Gregory, and Chris Daly
Scott Miller and Hank Moss
Ralph Baldelli